CPT Code For Various Procedures

CPT code for Lysis of Adhesion

CPT includes various codes which are related to adhesions. These codes are classified according to the location of adhesion. Some of the examples are 58660 is the code used for ovaries and tubes, laparoscopy and 58740 is the code used for ovariolysis, salpingolysis.

CPT code for Aortic Valve Replacement

The CPT codes are retairing soon. The CPT code used for aortic valve replacement transcatheter along with prosthetic valve is 33366. 0318T is the CPT code which is retiring soon. Well 33366 is the CPT code which is in use.

Laparoscopic Spleenectomy CPT code

There are no. of codes which are used for spleenectomy. Some of them are as follows

38115 is the code for repair of ruptured spleen.

38120 is the code used for laparoscopic spleenectomy.

38129 is the code used for unlisted laparoscopic spleenectomy.

38200 for injection in spleenectomy.

Polypectomy CPT code

As removal of polyps from cervical region is considered a minor surgery, that's why there isn't any proper CPT code for polypectomy. If this procedure is removed from colposcopic guidance, then it's CPT coding is possible. The reported code is 57452. No other code is reported yet.

Lumpectomy CPT code

Lumpectomy is the procedure used for the biopsy of lymph node. This procedure had an add on code i.e. 38900. This CPT code is specifically used for lumpectomy. This CPT code indicate about the work done during operation. This work done identifies sentinal lymph nodes.

Carotid Endarterectomy CPT code

Carotid endarterectomy is the procedure used to remove plaque or thrombus from the artery. 35301 is the code used for that procedure but it is not a CPT code. The appropriate CPT code used for carotid endarterectomy is 35301. CPT guidelines suggest to use that code only in case of removal of plaque and thrombus from arteries.

Tarsal Tunnel Release CPT code

Tarsal tunnel is a syndrome which is diagnosed with a CPT code 28035. In this syndrome the patient feels pain in the posteromedial border of ankle and foot. So this CPT code is used to diagnose tarsal tunnel syndrome.

CPT code for Gastrostomy Tube Replacement

The CPT code is available for the change of peg tube. If the peg tube comes out of patient during nursing, then the change of peg tube or replacement of gastrostomy tube is required and the code used for that purpose is 43760.

General Endotracheal Anesthesia CPT code

The code for general endotracheal anesthesia is available in two main cases i.e. stand alone emergent or semi emergent endotracheal intubation. For this purpose a flexible or rigid endoscope is used. The code used for that purpose is 31500. No code is available for elective endotracheal intubation.

Ulnar Nerve Transposition CPT code

The ulnar nerve transposition is the process in which the nerve is moved from it's actual place to behind the medial epicondyle. And moved to a new place right in front of it. The code used for that procedure is 64718 / 24358.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty CPT code

The coding system have bundle up the codes for tonsillectomy and uvulopalatopharyngoplasty i.e. 42826 and 42145 respectively. When these two procedures are performed together than the CPT code of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is used i.e. 42145 because tonsillectomy will take only 15 minutes to be done.

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