Dorsalgia Types

Dorsalgia is a term which define back pain or spine pain. It involves vertebral column. Vertebral column have different sections which are associated with different regions of body. Vertebral column consist of many discs of different regions i.e. cervical region, lumbar region, thoracic region and sacral region. Dorsalgia is divided into many types according to region involved, location of pain and injury. Types of Dorsalgia are as follows.

Cervical Dorsalgia

Cervical region is the upper most part of vertebral column. This region is attached to neck and pain originates from neck region in this type of Dorsalgia. Basic etiology behind cervical Dorsalgia may be an injury in cervical discs or any degenerative disease of the cervical spine. If nerves get involved in injury or degeneration of cervical spine then intense pain may radiate downward to shoulder and then arms and hands. Cervicalgia is another term to define cervical Dorsalgia.

Dorsalgia Types

Cervicothoracic Dorsalgia

This type of Dorsalgia involves two regions of vertebral column i.e. cervical and thoracic region. Injury or disc dislocation may occur in the mid-section of both regions.

Thoracic Dorsalgia

In this type of Dorsalgia, only thoracic region of vertebral column is involved. It is not a common site for Dorsalgia because it lies just below the cervical region and least used spinal structure in the body. Or we can say that thoracic Dorsalgia is a rare type.

Thoracolumbar Dorsalgia

This type of Dorsalgia involve two regions of vertebral column i.e. thoracic spine and lumbar region of vertebral column. Vertebral discs of both regions are effected in injury. Pain may occur in upper and lower region of vertebral column in this type of Dorsalgia.

Lumbar Dorsalgia

Lumbar Dorsalgia involves only lumbar region of vertebral column. Lower back pain is associated with it. It is the mostly used section of vertebral column and is more prone to injuries and muscle tearing. It is most common type of Dorsalgia.

Lumbosacral Dorsalgia

Lumbosacral Dorsalgia is another type of Dorsalgia which involve two regions of vertebral column i.e. lumbar spine and sacral region. Sacral region is the lower most region of vertebral column.

These are the types of Dorsalgia which should be completely understood to treat them perfectly. Each type of Dorsalgia have its specific treatment option. According to research lower regions of vertebral column are more prone to injuries and accidents. People with Dorsalgia may experience different categories of pain.

Pain may stick to only one part of vertebral column or travel through body to other parts for example in case of cervical Dorsalgia, pain may originate from neck region and diffuse downwards to shoulder and then gradually effect arms and hands. Pain have other categories like mild to moderate pain, intense pain etc. pain in Dorsalgia may occur continuously or with minor episodes. In Dorsalgia both muscular and joint pain is involved. So it should be checked before starting treatment that either muscle or joint is associated with Dorsalgia. If joint is involved then surgical treatment is recommended while in muscle pain medications are preferred.

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