Infantigo Treatment

Infantigo is a bacterial infection which occurs on skin upper most layer. In this disease, rash occurs on skin specially around mouth. Basically these are red colored blisters which appear in the form of little colonies or we can say in the form of groups. These blisters are filled with pus or fluid. These fluid filled blisters when get burst, the fluid spreads on skin surrounding these blisters. This fluid provides media for new blisters to grow. It is a bacterial infection of skin so it's treatment will depend upon the medications. Medications mainly involve antibiotics and some pain killers to sooth the blisters.

Antibiotics are available in the form of pills and ointments. Primary function of these antibiotics is to soothe skin and reduce pain and redness. Patient needs to be consistent with the treatment therapy. In case of antibiotic pills, a 7 day treatment plan is designed to treat infantigo. The duration of therapy and course of antibiotic pills are selected on the basis of patient condition. Biggest benefit of oral antibiotics is that it kills bacteria from inside the body and removes them from blood stream. It helps to reduce redness on skin along with reduction in yellow scabs formed due to fluid of blisters. Several days are required to go back to school for kids. The 2nd choice of treatment is antibiotics in the form of an ointment.

Infantigo Treatment

Ointment is a semi solid dosage form and is in the texture of paste, cream or liquid. It's primary function is to reduce surface redness and soreness. Ointment is the most effective because it has penetrating action. It actively penetrates inside blisters and kills pathogen inside the fluid. Ointment has anti microbial activity which reduces the chances of yellow scabs formation. Patient is asked to wash their skin with Luke warm water and then apply ointment. Other than these medications, some home remedies are also effective. Tea tree oil is the best oil for killing pathogenic bacteria from skin surface.

It works by eroding surface of skin and killing bacteria inside effectively. Pure tea tree oil has better effect than artificial one. Patient is advised to dip cotton ball in tea tree oil and then apply it directly on the blisters. Let it absorb for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it with Luke warm water. Garlic cloves are also used and are considered the best herbal treatment for red blisters. Take one garlic clove and crush it or cut it in pieces. Then add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in it (optional). Apply a thick coat of garlic paste on infantigo rash and let it absorb for at least 30 min.

After that wash it with Luke warm water. Manuka honey is another home remedy used to treat infantigo. Natural manuka honey is considered to have anti bacterial properties. It effectively helps to eliminate bacteria from the surface of skin and reduces itching and redness. It is also used in the same way as garlic paste is used. 

Infantigo is also termed as infintigoinfatigoinfentigoenfantagoinfantago, infitigoinfintagoschool sores.

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